Meek Mill’s “Jump Out the Face” Video: “Breaking Bad” Meets “The Wire”

in ‘jump out the face’ he’s up to absolutely no good

There are drug-referencing rap videos, and then there is “Jump Out the Face.” Meek Mill’s latest three-minute slice of the bad life is just about the most illegal music video we’ve seen that doesn’t include Rihanna dragging people around in a trunk.

Featuring bars by Future and appearances including Lil' Wayne, Metro Boomin, and others, the vid offers sketchy lab scenes à la Walter White and detective work that calls back to Pryzbylewski’s cork board. With cash in ready supply and dogged investigators pursuing Mill and Co., all it’s missing is a Winnebago and Michael K. Williams whistling “The Farmer in the Dell.”

Oh, did we forgot to mention that “Jump Out the Face” bangs? Well, it totally does. Click play above to witness.