The Artist Formerly Known As Sporty Spice Drops A Perfect Pop-Disco Song And Video

    “Anymore” is an honest and true bop

    by · September 06, 2016

    Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

    Melanie Chisholm’s post-Spice Girls career is one of the best. For nearly two decades, Chisholm has been releasing a steady stream of hits. “I Turn To You” saw the singer soaring vocally over club-ready beats in 2000, highlighting the talent that elevated the Spice Girls to a legendary status. Today, Chisholm is mixing her pop roots with a nice dose of vibey dance floor productions and a whole lot of heartbreak.

    “Anymore” is the first single off of Chisholm’s seventh studio album, Version Of Me. It finds the singer seeking escape from a broken relationship in the glittery lights of the nightlife. It touts an old school-meets-new school sound, making it both fresh-sounding and timeless. Robyn fans will find some solace here. Those looking to throw their hands up, too, will catch Chisholm’s rhythm and fly.

    Version Of Me comes out October 21, 2016.

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