Video Premiere: Memoryy’s “All My Love”

premiering here

by nylon

As Memoryy, Shaun Hettinger makes metallic future-pop for lovers. The latest single off his forthcoming EP, All My Love, is proof of that. It's a rocket-fueled jam with its grandiose heart on its leather sleeve. Hettinger originally wrote the track for Rihanna or Akon, because a friend was working with them at that time, and says he drew inspiration "from binge-watching Black Mirror and contemplating the nature of reality.”

Well, the song's video, which we're premiering here, is anything but realistic. The surreal clip took eight months of visual-effects work, and you'll see why. The result looks like Mario Kart meets Mad Max meets a gnarly acid trip, and features the top halves of giant, disembodies heads barreling down a barren desert highway. The idea came from director Asa Shumskas Tait, who was producing a racing game for PS3 "when the player-avatar scale went haywire and their faces intersected in crazy ways with the track." Hettinger says he had no way of visualizing Tait's concept, but was blown away by the finished product. You will be, too. Watch it, above.