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    butterflies, lipstick, and more keys to the best monday ever.

    by ashley baker · February 03, 2014
    The Checklist Curator: Ashley Baker, NYLON Executive Editor THE LOOK: Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2014 #3
    If NYLON's offices were not located just blocks away from New York's one and only Acne boutique, my savings account would be in much better shape. Not like I obsessively drop in on my way home from work or anything, but I do depend on Acne for wear-to-death basics. (My poor, overworked Star boots. And Pistol boots. And...moving on.) It’s a bummer that I have to wait until next summer to get my hands on this completely perfect shearling from pre-fall '14, because if I could nab one now, rest assured, you wouldn’t see me in anything else come #nyfw.
    I don’t care if it's 14 degrees outside: I'm still going to wear my signature bright pink lipstick like I live in Palm Springs. (Three months 'til Coachella...) But winter's dark lip trend is so intriguing that I'm taking a brief break from Show Orchid, my go-to shade, in favor of this raisiny shade. Wish me luck.
    The museum, and its contents, been looming large in my mind for two reasons: I’m reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (addictive!), and so far, the plot has been governed by a catastrophic event that happened at the museum, and secondly, the Met's J.A.R. exhibit is the only thing jewelry fiends are talking about these days. J.A.R's designer, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, is a master at turning the mundane into the sublime, and he's inspired me to approach any old thing as an object of beauty.
    I recently spent the better part of an hour on the phone with the legendary Robert Pollard, all in the name of NYLON Guys' "On the Record" feature, in which musicians discuss the albums that have shaped their life and work. He waxed poetic on R.E.M'S Murmur, and while I had a brief but passionate moment with Monster in the mid-nineties, Murmur had escaped me. No longer. Thanks, Bobby.
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