Photographed by Roman Yee; Illustrated by Liz Riccardi.


The Beginner’s Guide To Miami Art Basel Style

“is that a warhol over there?”

by nylon x tiffany

So, you’re going to Miami. Solid choice. It’s pretty stellar down there—especially when all the art folk, creators, and designers flock to the Floridian coast for Art Basel. Sure, sure, packing swimsuits and a trusty pair of sandals is a must (hello, beach!), but there are international art superstars to see and you, well, want to be seen. The keys to nailing Miami Art Basel style are confidence, colors, patterns, something unexpected, and sunglasses. This isn’t your average festival, after all.

And who else to show us how to master a day-in-the-life than The Fashion Guitar’s Charlotte Groeneveld? Her knack for mixing feminine sensibility with a Manhattan edge (and just a touch of Tiffany & Co.) is nothing short of swoon-worthy, and seeing her translate it for the Miami heat is—well, let’s just say we’re booking our flights now, because of how effortlessly the following three looks came together.

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Photographed by Roman Yee; Styled by Liz Rundbaken; Makeup by Colby Smith; Hair by Netty Jordan.

The Brunch LookKeeping things airy with a powerful print is how you win brunch style. Pairing an over-the-shoulder bag with bright colors and a neutral boot will bring just the right amount of playfulness to what’s already a vibrant look. Plus, according to Charlotte, it’s what Miami style is all about: “Funky colors, retro prints, cute dresses—with, in my case, no high heels, but a cute mid heel, or ankle booties.”

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Classic Sunglasses, $320, available at; Valentino dress; Chanel bag; Charlotte's own boots.

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Classic Sunglasses, $320, available at

The Early Evening Cocktail LookThe sun doesn’t set at happy hour in Miami, so you’re going to want to keep a pair (or two) of sunglasses ready. As for the outfit? A baby-doll dress is sophisticated fun. Accessorizing is where you can experiment a little. After all, Charlotte told us the key to warm-weather dressing is in the accessories. “Apart from bags and shoes, sunglasses are my favorite accessories. So when it comes down to dressing for warm weather, I will always make sure to dress a look down or up with the right pair of shoes, a small cross-body bag or funky clutch, and a big pair of sunglasses; The bigger, the better!”

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Mod Sunglasses, $320, available at; Charlotte's own bag and shoes.

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Mod Sunglasses, $320, available at

The Street-Style Star LookJust because it’s not a music festival or fashion week doesn’t mean the street-style photographers won’t be out in droves. Here is where you let your character have the most fun—and don’t let the heat stifle your style. Pairing cuffed, wide-legged jeans with a light, bold-patterned sweater is both unexpected and totally camera-ready. But you’ve gotta stay true to yourself and abide by your personal style rules. “I try to be honest with myself,” Charlotte told us, “even though I might be obsessed with that pair of jeans, if it doesn’t suit me and doesn’t compliment my body, I shouldn’t wear it. Same with the colors I wear, and the prints I choose. I don’t wear lots of color and prints, but when done right, it’s works so well!” All things noted.

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Mod Sunglasses, $320, available at; Valentino sweater; Jimmy Choo clutch; Charlotte's own jeans and shoes.

Tiffany & Co., Atlas Mod Sunglasses, $320, available at