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if michael bay directed ‘girls’

more bikinis, fewer brains.

Girls may be infamous for its rampant and unapologetic nuditiy—its number of unclothed bodies is rivaled only by fellow HBO series Game of Thrones—but we wouldn't venture to say that it seeks to be sexy. In fact, Lena Dunham's direction has allowed the show to remain definitively unsexy, with realistic, cringeworthy sex scenes and blunt dialogue. However, not all filmmakers are Lena Dunham and not all filmmakers avoid the male gaze—so if Girls were to fall into a different director's hands, things could go awry really, really fast. Consider: What if Michael Bay was behind the series?

A new spoof directed by Alberto Belli and written by Polina Frantsena and Stephanie Lynn shows how much the girl-powered show would change if it was redone by the Transformers director—think bikinis, blowouts, explosions, and overly sexualized everything. Hannah Horvath's stuggles become much more intense when they involve fighting impending doom (while maintaining a blowout and consistent exercise regimen). Clearly, a Bay-directed Girls would turn up the action in this Millennial-focused series.

Sunday's season finale on Girls may have been one of the most dramatic episodes we've seen yet, but this spoof shows that the series could be a more climactic when it's all brawn and no brains. Watch the video below for a look at Hannah Horvath if she were a blonde bombshell.