Michael Blume Is “Not A Trend”

Damn straight

The first rule of life is there are (relatively) no rules. You make them up as you work your way through self-discovery and all the trials that come with it. There are going to people who disagree with your rules, but screw 'em. You, like Michael Blume self-proclaims in his new song, are not meant to be boxed in.

“No one is a trend," Blume tells us over email. "Each and every one of us lives a uniquely dynamic and complex life full of distinct needs, dreams, and fears. Too often we are taught to diminish this truth; we are told to mold ourselves to fit some external idea, concept, [and] way of being. Whether it be political, race-related, gender-based, how we look/dress/pray, too often our culture encourages us to do/act/be like some idealized, foreign version of who we actually are."

Blume's "I Am Not A Trend (No Rules)," off of his forthcoming EP, is a bop brimming with self-empowerment. He's reclaiming his identity and finding pride in loving who he loves, how he plays, how he dances, etc. The trumpets add a triumphant flair, complementing the soul Blume's voice carries.

"One of the central tentpoles of my work has been learning to embrace my uniqueness and live my fantasy," he says. "I can be whoever I want and do whatever I want because at the end of the day, what are the rules? Everything is... made up! 'I Am Not A Trend (No Rules)' speaks to the celebration of the self. It aims to encourage listeners and community members to live their fantasy. You are not a trend! There is no one like you. Make up your own rules! There is literally no time to be concerned with what anyone else says." 

You heard the man. Love yourself, your rules, and your journey. This song will help you do just that.