Watch Michelle Obama Shop At CVS With Ellen DeGeneres

Franzia is involved

Michelle Obama is a FLOTUS of the people. She karaokes with James Corden and Missy Elliott, encourages young girls to work out, and busts jokes with Jimmy Fallon. Her latest “she’s just like us” endeavor includes CVS shopping with Ellen DeGeneres.

Some things we learned from the short clip, which airs today: CVS apparently stands for “cotton, Vaseline, and stuff,” according to DeGeneres. The first lady isn’t fond of opening products she’s not going to buy and putting it back on the shelf (because she’s an upstanding American citizen). Coinstar is a rip-off (I could’ve told them that though). ‘Chelly (that's short for Michelle) knows what an ATM is (!!!), but has no idea how self-checkout or Franzia works. “Wine in a box, how does this work? How do you get it out of there?” We’re sure Malia can probably help her out.

Those are just some of the tidbits we parsed from the video. Watch the entire segment below and see the ungodly amount of patience the first lady manages to practice with the talk show host. “You know you’re really annoying,” she says, right before DeGeneres hops into the shopping cart. “It’s like taking a three-year-old to the store.” Hey, it makes for good television.