Photographed by Felisha Tolentino.

Michelle Phan’s “Dream Date” Has A Surprising Twist

take note, everyone

by nylon

Play the game, the game gets played—especially when there’s downtime between looks on a fashion shoot. In this Lauren Sieckowski-directed short, Michelle Phan, our February cover star, swipes her way through hair and makeup, crushes some candy, and may or may not redefine the whole “Netflix & chill” trend.

After swiping left on some nice looking mustaches and dudes posing with questionable area rugs, Phan found just what she was looking for in J.D. Witherspoon. Her pal, fellow beauty blogger Jkissa, agreed. For you see, what Phan had in mind wasn’t your average chill session. Phan wanted to taste the sweet taste of victory. And that’s exactly what she got. “Should I call you an Uber?” Way to win it, Michelle.

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