mike’s frozen margaritas

More margarita…less mess…

by Christian Lavery

After putting in a long, hard day at the office, it’s only natural to feel the need to unwind. What’s the best way to do this? By heading home, kicking off your shoes, and relaxing with a nice cold beverage. And while the usual brew or cocktail is a completely respectable choice, we don’t necessarily think it’s always the best. So what is? Well, as the temperature begins to poke up into the 90s, try something that will really cool you down - like Mike’s Classic Margarita Frozen. Not only is it instantly refreshing, but it’s almost easier to prepare than it is to drink…okay, maybe not. But all you have to do is pop it in the freezer for about six hours, take it out when you’re ready to loosen up, and either squeeze it into a glass or drink it straight from the pouch. Check out all of Mike’s Hard products HERE, and be sure to fill your freezer with as much of the frozen margarita beverage as possible - even if it means sacrificing a few bags of those frozen vegetables that have been in there taking up space.