Mila Kunis Is Back, Says Sassy Things

oh, how we’ve missed her

The last time we saw Mila Kunis on screen, it was back in May, for her role in The Angriest Man In Brooklyn. And while we totally understand that she has a lot going on right now (she did just have a baby nine weeks ago), that doesn't mean we haven't felt the #separationanxiety. We've missed her charming little quips and hilarious PSAs and, of course, her super-rad style and beauty how-tos

Luckily for us, she's back on the late-night scene promoting her upcoming film Annie. Last night, she hit up The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and talked about her new baby ("She's not lethargic. She moves."), buying her fiancé Ashton Kutcher a kilt ("It turned out great, because you know, nothing's under the kilt. Too soon? Too Much?"), and having to use L.A. transit to get to That 70's Show ("My parents took away my car keys when I was 16, but then I had a job to go to and they were like 'too bad, so sad' and they left me $1.25 and said, 'Figure out the system.'"). Watch below.

(via E!)