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live from the bangerz tour

10 things you need to know about miley’s crazy concert.

Last night I popped my Miley Cyrus cherry and went to see the #bangerztour, I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed it. The show definitely lived up to the hype, you should go get tickets because...

1. This is not a concert, it's a show.

2. The artwork being projected throughout the show is more than amazing. We can thank the creator of

The Ren & Stimpy Show,

John Kricfalusi, as well as contemporary artist Ben Jones for that one--the crazier the better!

3. This show is completely uncensored, in the best way possible. Miley goes above and beyond what you would expect, pushing boundaries and extending the idea of the artist that she has become.

4. Be prepared to be on Miley's "Kiss-Cam" and forced to make-out with whoever is around you--boy, girl, old, or young--during "Adore You."

5. The costumes are always accessorized with glitter, feathers, and none other than Chanel. Look out for her tiny '90s-inspired backpacks and purses, because they are everything. (PS. She'll even collect gifts from fans in them during the show!)

6. Don't worry, she hasn't forgotten her country roots! She pays homage to Godmom Dolly Parton with the song "Jolene" mid-show.

7. You will want to buy Nike Air Jordans after watching Miley and her


dancers perform "23", you might also want a Michael Jordan jersey....

8. Without a doubt her fans get to see the real Miley, from the crazy to the sad. Especially since her adorable dog Floyd recently passed away, Miley has been very emotional during her the whole show, showing her fans her vulnerable side.

9. You will be surrounded by "Smilers," Miley's ultimate fans, in their "twerk attire" including crop tops, short-shorts and neon, in all its glory. 

10.  You will take a selfie, your tongue will be out during the picture, and you will love it.

Check out some exclusive pics of the concert in the slideshow!