Milk Makeup Is Coming Out With A New CBD Oil-Infused Mascara

That will give you the dopest lashes

To introduce Milk makeup’s latest product, the brand turned its hidden basement room into a stoner’s paradise. There were stations where editors could learn how to roll a joint with the brand’s blotting papers and an assortment of munchy-friendly foods like Shake Shack, Doritos, and pizza. When announcement time came around, it was obvious marijuana was involved in some way. But, unlike other products on the market that are mostly skin-care and body-focused, Milk is launching Kush, a CBD oil-infused mascara.

Similar to other ingredients derived from our favorite plant, swiping on the product won’t get you high. Cannabis oil doesn’t contain THC, but it is extremely hydrating and healing, meaning the formula will adhere to your lashes smoothly while conditioning. The product also includes heart-shaped fibers, as opposed to straight ones, which lock onto lashes to help create super-dramatic volume appearance. Like the rest of Milk Makeup’s products now, the mascara is 100 percent vegan as well.

Weed-adjacent products are very trendy right now, but we can personally vouch for the results this one promises. Your lashes will lengthen, your eyes will open up, and you won't sacrifice hairs or experience flaking if you want to go for a more clumpy look.

Kush Mascara costs $24 and launches on Milk Makeup’s website and Sephora on April 20 (yes, 4/20).