the “millennials of new york” facebook page is hilarious

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    by · August 15, 2015

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    If you’re a Millennial living in New York, you’ve probably spent more that half of your monthly income on rent for a “conveniently located” overcrowded apartment, and paid for your $5 latte with the last of your loose change.

    While the wildy popular blog “Humans of New York” is an inspirational look at the lives of diverse New Yorkers, “Millennials of New York” showcases the #firstworldproblems of 20-somethings in New York who literally just can’teven. Created by Elite Daily writers Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald, the Facebook and its respective Instagram page are a satirical take on Millennials trying to make in the big city. While they don’t detail real-life stories, each parody is relatable and will resonate with you in some way before it goes off the rails into a hilarious, over-the-top description of daily life in the city.

    It may have just started off as a joke but now with over 35,000 likes on Facebook, the plights of 20-somethings in the city depicted on the page might be a little too real. Click through the gallery for a glimpse of just how tough life is for Millennials in New York.

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