Mills by Clae

    Put a cork in it...

    by · April 22, 2014

    Mills by Clae

    I’m not gonna try and tell you I love to run--that would be a little less than the truth--but I do have to do it a lot these days to keep up with all the Chow write-ups we do here at NYLON Guys. I’m super into wearing running shoes 24/7, but sometimes I bring up my kick game and the Mills from CLAE has become go to shoe lately. While the shoe is made to feel and wear like a runner, the luxury nubuck upper and suede toe vamp coupled with the color offering puts these babies in a league of their own. The cork midsole is not only crazy comfortable, but has proven to be somewhat of a conversation starter. I can honestly tell you that a decent pair of denim and a navy blue sweater paired with the Mills is the winning combo to take anyone from the street to a meeting at the SoHo house with no problem. Check out all 10 colors HERE and follow the brand’s Twitter feed HERE for updates.
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