Minnie Mouse Got An Awesome Makeover

What’s blue and white and has spots all over?

Last night, our beloved Minnie Mouse changed up her signature red-and-white polka dot look for something a bit more modern. That's right, thanks to French designer Olympia Le-Tan, our favorite mouse got a makeover.

As part of a celebration for photographer Gray Malin's "Red Carpet Series," which is inspired by Hollywood and features Minnie Mouse as muse, Minnie is getting to show off her iconic style like never before. And while we all love classic Minnie, we're also all about her new Olympia Le-Tan look, complete with an instantly recognizable Le-Tan clutch. The designer revamped Minnie's outfit by custom dyeing the dress in Bleu de France in order to better capture the youth and vibrancy of the design. Le-Tan then added sequins and sparkles on each of the 53 appliqued polka dots and used patent leather accents to keep Minne on trend.

And that classic and coveted Le-Tan clutch features the perfect Minnie saying: "I dream in polka dots." Same! Check out the details of Minnie's new look and a still from Gray Malin's The Leading Lady in the slideshow below.

Minnie's one-of-a-kind Olympia Le-Tan book clutch.

Minnie with Malin.

Malin's The Leading Lady.