miracle whip

a pack of frizz-defying power - for $1.50.

by faran krentcil

Do you fear the humidity the way the Wicked Witch feared water? Us too - though if our hair had an "I'm melting!" moment, at least it wouldn't be so massive and unruly when it rained.

Though certain things must be embraced - if you have curly hair, then guess what? It's gonna stay that way, so enjoy - nobody has to deal with snarled, frizzy strands. Especially not now.

This week, Dr. Miracle (mind the name...) releases a follicle hair cream that soothes and conditions thick, coarse, or brittle hair. It's mixed with aloe vera, tee tree oil, and vitamins, and though the instructions want you to wash it out after a few minutes, we'd recommend leaving it in on hot, hazy days.


Available at Dr. Miracle's website.