the trailer for ‘mission: impossible—rogue nation’ gives us peak tom cruise

    is there anything he won’t do?

    by · June 04, 2015

    It’s summer, and thus time for jaw-rattling big-screen explosions and classic rock. The just-released second trailer for Tom Cruise’s incoming Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation offers dollops of both, plus some major plot points.

    On top of showing us that your favorite and ours, Alec Baldwin, is either a major villain or just a bureaucratic nuissance, the trailer explains the meaning behind “rogue nation,” gives us a closer look at new M:I femme fatale Rebecca Ferguson (The White Queen), and, teases the next chapter in iconic M:I set pieces. This time, Tom Cruise hangs off the side of plane while it takes off—no big deal. Perhaps best of all is the Led Zeppelin backing track. We’ve got a whole lotta love for this, indeed.

    Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation hits theaters July 31.

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