Missy Elliott Made An Even Better Remix Of “I’m Better”

Make way for Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina

Like most devoted Missy Elliott fans, we didn't think her most recent single, "I'm Better," could be improved upon. But that's why Elliott is a music legend, and we're not. Now, "I'm Better" is, well, better than ever thanks to a just-dropped remix featuring power hitters Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina.

This version of the song offers a refreshing take on what it really means to be the baddest in the game. There's a reason that all of these women are untouchable icons with legacies that can never be matched, and they have no problem laying it out for you.

"And you can not be me, no never/ Ain't got to explain why I'm better/ Your man is a dog/ He chase my kitty and he say my pussy is wetter," Lil Kim spits with the confidence of a lifetime member of hip-hop royalty. When Trina comes in, she talks about how she sets the bar for everyone in terms of music, money, and material things. As for Eve, she "ain't got no time for no dumb shit."Amen, sisters. After all this time, these queens are still holding it down. Let this track provide you with a dose of motivation to go out and conquer the day.

Collect your clique and listen to every word from the audio track, below.