Missy Elliott Just Dropped A New Video

It’s called “I’m Better”

If you’ve ever wondered what one of Missy Elliott’s surrealist videos would look like in 2017, she just answered your question: A lot like they did years ago! The legendary MC has just dropped the video for “I’m Better,” the first official Missy clip since 2015’s “WTF (Where They From),” and it’s pure Missy.

Elliott, who co-directed the video alongside Dave Meyers, revisits the formula that produced some of the most iconic videos of the last two decades. Grab some dope backup dancers, dress them up in futurist looks, teach them some bizarro choreography, and hit record. This video takes Missy and her dancers underwater, where they don’t let physics get in the way of their dance moves.

Elliott also dropped a hint that 2017 is going to be her year in the form of a short teaser of an upcoming documentary that examines her career and impact on the music industry. “It’s never just a record for me, it’s never just making a hot record,” she says in the clip, over images of her in the studio. “I can do that in my sleep.” That probably means that Missy Elliott’s first joint since 2005’s The Cookbook is coming this year, which is some great news. Watch the clip for “I’m Better” above, and the trailer for the doc below.