Missy Elliott Reunites With Tweet On “Somebody Else Will”

the ’90s are back, baby

The '90s R&B reunion that we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. That's right—Tweet and Missy Elliott are back at it again with their new collaborative track, "Somebody Else Will."

The song will be featured on Tweet's forthcoming third album Charlene (named after her birth name), due out on February 26. Elliott's fiery opening lines are followed up by Tweet's smooth and soulful voice, which are ultimately tied together with an infectious beat. Once you give this track a listen, its chart-topping potential will be clear. 

The two artists go way back, evident through Tweet referring to Elliott as her sister. “We’ve known each other since ‘94 before either of us ‘hit’ the world," she said. Maintaining such a strong bond—and continuing to create incredible music—all these years later goes to show how there are a few things even something as tumultuous as the music industry can't tarnish.

Listen to the explosive track, below.