mitchell & ness spring 14

The Philadelphia-based company enters it’s 110th year…

by Josh Madden

In 1904, former tennis and wrestling champFrank P. Mitchell partnered with Scottish golfer Charles M. Ness to form a sporting goods store on Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You could say the rest is history...but that doesn't really tell the rest of the story. The legacy of the company is such that they started with handcrafted tennis racquets and golf clubs, then went on to provide on-field uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles, Athletics and Phillies in the 1930's.

The reproductions that Mitchell & Ness create are based upon the heritage of the goods they've made through the years and utilize the materials that they have used since day one. The designers might be working with new styles like the 5-panel (above) and bucket hats for 2014, but with each piece they reference the classic headwear they've made through the years. The new collection includes teams from the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA. Head over HERE to see the current collection of Mitchell & Ness goods and keep an eye out for the newest releases.