madison and fiona tell us how they rock out.

by liza darwin

Coasting may be a girl group, but these Brooklyn musicians make the type of drum-heavy garage rock that you'd expect to hear at a late-night house party rather than a tame sleepover. Think a hyped-up Best Coast meets Vivian Girls, with a fuzzy guitar edge. The duo is Madison Farmer (guitar) and Fiona Campbell (drums), and they've already made a name for themselves thanks to their catchy sound and cheeky songs (one single is called "Hots for Teacher"). Before they hit the road for a couple of East Coast shows, we asked Madison and Fiona what music they're currently obsessed with.

Electrelane, "Cut and Run"

We listened to this album about 70 times on our West Coast tour in the fall. Maybe more! Anyways, these girls write some of the best melodies and arrangements and they are a huge influence on the new music we are currently writing. This song is one of our favorites to sing along to, especially driving down Highway 1 at sunset.

Slant 6, "I Love You a Lot"

We started covering this song, Slant 6 guitar is so awesomely challenging and they have some wacky arrangements.

Fleetwood Mac, "Everywhere"

Best song to prevent falling asleep at the wheel. Actually, its the best song, any time.

Quix*o*tic, "Anonymous Face"

Such a cool song, love the tone in her voice. Also cool - their cover of Black Sabbath's "Lord of This World"

The Frumpies

For my birthday, a bunch of bands played cover sets in my backyard. Coasting learned 5 songs by the Frumpies and our set was about 8 minutes long. Nothing makes you feel a year older like screaming at the top of your lungs surrounded by all your friends.

Listen to Coasting here.