find out what inspires this brit duo.

by liza darwin

We first introduced you to Summer Camp back in November,

when we chatted with the musical twosome and learned that their own summer camp experiences weren't exactly the greatest. But with their sweetly crafted, nostalgic pop tunes like "Round the Moon" and "Ghost Train," it's clear the London-based duo is channeling the ideal summer experiences, filled with long days in the sunshine and fleeting crushes. We've been playing Summer Camp's debut album, Young, on repeat for months - but now we turn the tables and ask Jeremy and Elizabeth what they're listening to.

1) Fleetwood Mac, "Only Over You

This is the best song off their often-ignored Mirage - for us, their best album, poppier than Tusk, more attitude than Rumours and less cheesy than Tango In The Night.

2) Spiritualized, "Ladies And Gentlemen" (Elvis mix)

If you don't already know this song, you're in for a treat - it's

probably the best break-up song ever. And if you do already know it, this version, which has a gospel choir singing Elvis' "Only Fools Rush In" at the close, is even better than the original.

3) High Highs,  "Flowers Bloom"

These guys are supporting us in at the Mercury Lounge in New York on 2nd March, we didn't know their stuff before but it's great!

4) Kisses, "Bermuda"

And we're supporting these guys in LA on the 10th March at the Echo. Great stuff - there are so many amazing bands around at the moment.

5) Radiohead - Videotape (live in 2006)

This is kind of obscure! We fell in love with the older live version of this song. Then they changed it on the album (In Rainbows, 2007). The album version is cool but this version is even cooler. We love King of Limbs, too, but can't wait to see how those new songs work out live. Radiohead always change things around.

Listen to Summer Camp here!