Watch MØ Defy Gravity In Her New Video For “Final Song”

Singer, songwriter… magician?

When Danish pop star MØ made her bid for song of the summer last month with the infectious banger "Final Song," she told listeners that the track was an encouragement to "fly toward your dreams." She seems to be taking her own advice quite literally in the track's new music video, where she's featured levitating above a breezy, mountainous landscape in California.

The sun-splashed video is visually brighter and barer than last year's M.I.A.-esque "Kamikaze," but looks just as fun. This time, an angelic MØ guides a dancing troupe with snapping fingers, balances an albino python on her shoulders, and sways atop desert rocks and between hayfields. It's a mesmerizing hallucination, to say the least.

MØ's joy is palpable—onscreen, she genuinely seems to be having a blast. Bubbly, euphoric, and hypnotizing, this new visual nearly out-pops the pop song itself. If you have been seeking a summer getaway, look no further. Dive head first into MØ's wild adventure by pressing play on the video, above.