Model Movie Marathon

the models of anna sui and marc jacobs pick their favorite films.

by steff yotka

Now that New York Fashion Week is over we are curling up in our beds and watching our favorite flicks online while eating ramen with our chopstick-straws. (No joke.)

We got some help planning our relaxation schedule from the models backstage at Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. If anyone knows how to chill out, it's these guys and gals who work 16 hour days during Fashion Month--yep month; we're talking about New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

From re-watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion so many times they learned all the lines to having a secret language based on Dumb and Dumber, these models know a thing or two about great comedy flicks. Just make sure while you're laughing you don't spill your ramen...

Check out all their picks in our gallery and get in on the Romy and Michele fun with our favorite clip below. 

Lily McMenamy at Next

IMG's Hanne Gaby Odiele pick The World's End as her go-to funny movie

Miles McMillan at DNA knows every line of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Be our best friend please?

Women's Irina Kravchenko loves to watch Home Alone to chill out.

Megan Thompson at Factor Chicago loves The Devil Wears Prada. "It's so ironic, but I can watch that movie over and over again," she says.

New York Models' Logan Patterson picks Dumb and Dumber as her go-to film. "So classic, best movie ever!" she exclaims, "My sister and I have our own language and we just talk in quotes from Dumb and Dumber."

Kayla Clarke at Trump is all about Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.

"My favorite movie ever is International Velvet," Ali Michael from IMG tells us, "I used to be obsessed with horses growing up and I watched that movie every single day of my life and I knew every word."