song premiere: monogem

make your monday sparkle with “follow you”!

by liza darwin

If you have ears, have an internet connection, and have at least one music blog in your bookmarks, then you get it-- there's no shortage of synth-laden singles out there already. And there's nothing wrong with that! But still, something about Monogem is different. Jen Hirsh's indie pop outfit is a groovy blend of funky beats, dreamy melodies, and a stirring, soulful center. It's exactly this genre-twisting quality that makes the LA musician's latest single "Follow You" so damn irresistible. The track comes hot on the heels of equally catchy numbers like "All We Have" and "Wait and See," and after just one listen, you'll see why we're so obsessed. Check out the exclusive premiere of "Follow You" below, and get hooked on Monogem here!