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    by · January 15, 2014

    photo by jade taylor

    WHY I LOVE IT: The signature base of the Chloe house is white musk and amber. This makes sense, as it’s one of the many reasons why I’ve worn, adored, and loved the original Chloe Eau de Parfum for so many years, and why their newest launch--Roses de Chloe--is my latest olfactory obsession. Exuding notes of fresh cut roses, bergamot, rose essence, magnolia accord, and (of course) white musk and amber, the smell is both floral but sexy--much like the Chloe woman herself.
    FOR THOSE: Who wish their entire wardrobe was Chloe.
    WHY I LOVE IT: When Linda Rodin first created a small batch of lip balm rings for friends and beauty editors--who all promptly Instagrammed their exclusive goodies (#jealous)-- the ring-pops suddenly became the hottest and most exclusive accessory a beauty junkie could want. And just like that (*snaps*) they are now magically available to buy for everyone, woohoo! The rosy pink balm is packed with jasmine, orange flower oil, sheer butter, beeswax, and castor seed oil, and packaged in a square ring that easily snaps open for on-the-go application. Bonus: How totally 90′s #tbt is it?
    FOR THOSE: Whose lip balm is poppin’, whose lip balm is cool.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Riddle: What’s better than 1 M.A.C eyeshadow? How about 15 M.A.C eyeshadows?! I guess that’s a lame way to intro this palette, but as a M.A.C eyeshadow junkie, it’s really the little things that get me excited. The brand just released two15x eyeshadow palettes--Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral--the former being my absolute fave, since I’m usually more drawn to warmer eyeshadow colors. After using it for the past week I can honestly say it’s probably the best eyeshadow palette (that I haven’t created myself) I’ve ever owned, because it is literally crafted with every color I could ever want. Do yourself a favor: Pick one--or both--up now.
    FOR THOSE: Who love M.A.C eyeshadow as much as I do.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Maybe it’s because during the holiday I received so many monogramed presents (a “J” Jonathan Adler pillow, a “JT” Rebecca Minkoff wallet, etc.), that I’m now like, totally obsessed with monogrammed things. (Who am I, Elle Woods?) Anyway, I’ve decided to take my latest obsession and stamp it--literally--onto my nails with this Nails Inc. Monogram Manicure set. All you do is apply a layer of base coat, follow with two layers of your chosen nail color, wait for that to dry, apply your chosen letter, and then top it with one coat of Kensington Caviar Top Coat to seal that sucka down. *Waits for someone to create custom NYLON nails on Instagram*.
    FOR THOSE: Who want to write their love on their nails.
    WHY I LOVE IT: What is your definition of relaxation? Mine usually involves 10 pillows, 5 blankets, my cats, and a good movie (or guilty pleasure reality TV show) on Netflix…and there may or may not be nachos involved. As a busy lady, I don’t often get much leisurely downtime-- but I think I’ve found a little slice of heaven in a bottle: Erbaviva’s Relax Spray. The therapeutic body mist (which you can also spray on hair, clothing, or your room), has an aromatic blend of yummy things like lavender, rose geranium, and neroli, so in just one spritz, you feel instantly transformed and relaxed.
    FOR THOSE: Who need to chill out.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Dear GLAMGLOW, how I love thee. I’ve raved about how much I love your YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, BrightMud Eye Treatment, and (my personal favorite) SuperMud Clearing Treatment, and now--thank god--you have another product to profess my love for: The brand new ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. Formulated with DewDration, a blend of actives containing hyaluronic and citric acids; Hydrapack, to calm the skin; and GreenEnergy, for radiance and detoxifying, it’s basically just a bundle of amazing s*** for your skin. Thank you for saving my skin once again, GLAMGLOW. Love, Jade.
    FOR THOSE: Who are thirsty.
    WHY I LOVE IT: I know this isn’t technically a hair product, but hear me out. Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement is an all-natural dietary supplement made from sea buckthorn berry, harvested exclusively for the brand in the Himalayas of Tibet. (Yeah, it’s awesome.) It’s loaded with Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, as well as with exclusive Omega 7 fatty acids, which promotes cellular support for rapid and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Since the brand sent me this product, I’ve been sipping’ on it everyday and I can totally see a difference in my nails and skin--but the biggest improvement in my hair, which is now long and shiny and amazing.
    FOR THOSE: Who want an all-natural option for hair health and growth!
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