Moonheart’s Latest Song Is A Love Letter To Closure

Watch “Bridestep” here

There is no perfect way to end a relationship. There's always going to be something left unsaid or not communicated properly. Our innate sense of protecting our ex-partner/-lover/-significant other holds the truth back from coming out completely. Closure, then, is a fantasy most of us have. For Kim Mayo, one-half of Brooklyn's Moonheart duo, it's the root of the song "Bridestep."

"The song is a years-delayed love letter of closure," Mayo says. "In it, I work through some frustration and regret over not having had the words or capacity to express myself clearly during a time when I was growing apart from someone who is still very important to me." Preach it. "Bridestep" is elegant in its melancholy and at ease with the passage of time. "Writing it was a way to process a lot of those messy, unclear feelings and to honor a friend who, though no longer in my life in the capacity that they once were, remains a large part of my heart," she adds. The song's video treatment does well to bring that sense of honor to life.

"Bridestep" is lifted from Moonsteps' forthcoming full-length LP, Feel It Out, which is due to drop this spring. And if you're in New York on April 4, come through Brooklyn's C'mon Everybody to celebrate the song's release! Tickets are available here.