even supermodels go to the drugstore.

by faran krentcil

This one time, I met Kate Moss.

It was in Barneys New York for the launch of her TopShop collection, and she grabbed my hands and said, "Well you look like a party girl. Are you behaving yourself?"  I was so stunned, I was shaking.

I remember everything about that moment - who was next to me (my friend, the style blogger Carol Han), who was DJing (The Queens Of Noize and later, Agyness Deyn), and who was behind me on the escalator (if you can believe it, Naomi Campbell).  But the one thing I can't recall is how Kate Moss smelled.

That's why I was beyond intrigued when her fragrance finally hit the US and - just this week - adjusted its price to an American bargain of $30.  It smells like roses and orange peels, and a bit like cigarettes, too (though I think that's my imagination, and the real ingredient is dried pink pepper).

The good news is, when I hold the bottle, I don't start shaking.  The bad news is, you can't rub the glass and wish a genie for Kate Moss to come for a visit.