Most Wanted: Gucci Slides

Not your dad’s loafers

In one of the most famous monologues in the history of fashion film, Miranda Priestly lectures her assistant Andy Sachs about her blue—sorry cerulean—sweater, which she no doubt fished out of some clearance bin.

In addition to referencing collections by Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent, she points out the trickle-down cycle that is inherently part of the fashion world and we can’t think of a more perfect example of this than these Gucci slides. 

Lots of brands have been releasing their own versions of the brand’s shoes, which are basically begging to make an appearance on your Instagram feed. The redesigned loafers are missing the backing and have appliqués on top of a tiger’s head and a heart with a sword through it, giving the shoe a fresh and fashion-forward feel. 

The shoes are often at the center of the “are they ugly or are they cute?” debate but we definitely find ourselves leaning towards the cute side. The rich and buttery leather gives the shoes the luxe element that really sets them apart. 

So whether you splurge on these slides or find a similar and more affordable version, never forget where they came from. 

Gucci, Princetown Slipper with Appliqués, $995, available at Gucci.