Most Wanted: Peels NYC Shirt

Say my name

There is nothing that puts you in a working mood quite like a uniform. A staple in both schools and offices, uniforms that are worn to work have always had a unique place in fashion.

Workwear is a trend that always comes back, and often when you least expect it. The trend reappeared last season and has quickly moved up to the front of the ready-to-wear market.

While we may lust after Heron Preston’s workwear-inspired pieces, realistically we gotta pay rent. That’s why currently we’re lusting over this cute option from Peels NYC. 

Every good uniform always has a hint of personal style to it—whether it’s rolling up the sleeves or adding pins to a jacket, there are so many ways to put your own spin on a classic style. 

The company customizes all of their pieces, so you can personalize the garment however you’d like. It also has Peels’ signature flower on the opposite side, giving a softer, feminine detail to the boxy shape. 

Peels NYC, Name Shirt, $60, available at Peels NYC.