15 Perfect Gifts For Mother’s Day

For the last minute shopper

We're just one week out from Mother's Day, so it's really time to get shopping if you haven't yet. But where to begin? Mothers can be difficult to shop for, not because they're inherently picky people (though some of them are), but more because it's always hard to shop for people! Who knows what anyone wants? Plus, maybe you don't have a literal mother to shop for. Lots of people don't! And that's fine too. Mother's Day is still a good time to celebrate anyone in your life who's nurtured you, whether your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or father. The point is, we've rounded up an assortment of wonderful gifts that are bound to make your loved one feel your love. And isn't that really the point of these holidays? Yes, it really is.

Milèo, Labyrinthe Vert, $75, available at Milèo New York.

This face oil is made with the finest of natural ingredients, including ethically farmed sandalwood, wild harvested Bulgarian rose petals, and wildcrafted Thai oud resin. The oud is the thing, though; all Milè oils use the ancient extract as a primary ingredient, thanks to its skin-regenerative properties. Though there are four different types of elixir (Monte d'Oro, Amber Fort, Maroc d'Or, Labyrinthe Vert), we're partial to the Labyrinthe Vert for its intoxicating smell (after dabbing it into your face, rub some in your hands and inhale deeply) and skin soothing properties. After just a few uses, redness will decrease, and skin will be noticeably softer and smoother. It's the perfect pampering gift for your mother, or anyone you love.

Google, Home Max, $399, available at Google.

We feel like not enough people think about getting tech gifts for Mother's Day, and, while, yes, we get it, lots of our mothers' tech knowledge begins and ends with their Facebook activity, that doesn't mean we shouldn't work to expand their tech horizons. A great place to start is with the Google Home Max, which offers incredible sound, so your mother can just go crazy while listening to Ed Sheeran or The Greatest Showman. (no judgment! There's some bangers.) But also, the Google Home Max will let her do everything from coordinate all her appointments in one place to control other Smart Home devices to... well, just about anything. Like, maybe your mother is cooking and doesn't want to keep referring to a written-out recipe? She can use Google Home Max to guide her through the recipe step by step (and even find the recipe to begin with), and remind her when it's time to take her food out of the oven. Or maybe your mother has trouble sleeping? This device can remind her when to go to bed and even serve as a white noise machine. She can even use it to set up a reminder to call you if she hasn't spoken to you that week—not that she needs a reminder for that, because most mothers just know.

Artis, Oval 7 Brush, $62, available at Artis.

These makeup brushes are as practical as they are elegant, as they beautifully blend everything from foundation to blush to bronzer for a seamless makeup look. And they really just look so beautiful on a vanity.

Lorox, Aligned Travel Roller, $17, available at Goop.

Honestly, anyone who works out ever should get into foam rolling; it is just the best thing for getting knots out of muscles, making sure you don't tighten up, and helping support your lymphatic system. So get your mother on the foam rolling bandwagon with this cute (and super affordable) travel sized version from Goop, which is a brand moms love.

Bouqs, 'Hero' Bouquet, starts at $50, available at Bouqs.

It is never a bad idea to send someone flowers, and Bouqs is one of our favorite floral delivery companies out there, as they work directly with farmers to ensure that their flowers are harvested in an environmentally responsible, eco-conscious way. The Bouqs Company has also partnered with No Kid Hungry to help end childhood hunger in America by donating 20 percent of the purchase price from its No Kid Hungry collection to the organization, thus guaranteeing a minimum of 500,000 meals to kids in need. Plus, their bouquets are just gorgeous. We recommend the 'Hero' bouquet, since any mother (or mother-figure) who you're celebrating is undoubtedly a hero to you. And, if you order by May 9th, Bouqs will give you 15 percent off with the code: REALMOMS15.

Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo, $23.71, available at Amazon; The Pisces by Melissa Broder, $16.51, available at Amazon; and That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam, $19.23, available at Amazon.

If your mother loves to read, consider giving her these three novels, all of which are, narratively, wildly different from one another, but which are similar in the sense that they're all provocative and excellent conversation-fodder, so you can form your own mini book club with your mom in which you discuss them all. To learn more about these books, check out our guide to the best new books in May, here

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Vinebox, Shades of Summer wine collection, $76, available at Vinebox.

If the mom in your life always complains about having to open a whole bottle of wine when she just wants a glass with dinner, give her this set of nine beautifully packaged individual wines.

Moleskine, Bradley Theodore notebook, $24.95, available at Moleskine.

If she's the old-school (and art-loving) type, she will take to this limited-edition notebook designed by artist Bradley Theodore. (If your mom is of the hipper variety, may we suggest this Barbie one, though? It's not for every mom, but we're obsessed.)

Naadam, Khimori Travel Robe in ‘Rosewood,’ $175, available at Naadam.

The homebodies will love this silk-cashmere robe, that comes inside a matching drawstring travel bag and can be monogrammed, from Naadam, a luxe ready-to-wear brand that specializes in cashmere sourced responsibly and sustainably from nomadic Mongolian herders.

Manduka, GRP Yoga Mat, $98, available at Manduka.

Mothers love hot yoga, especially when they trick their children into doing it with them. (Seriously, though, recently my girlfriends and I bonded over the fact that we all, at one point, have found ourselves unknowingly in a Bikram Yoga class when visiting home.) Anyway, fold the towel. Manduka's new GRP Mat is here. Made from a natural rubber core infused with charcoal, it absorbs sweat in the hottest temperatures while providing a no-slip grip with no towel necessary, making it every hot yoga lover's dream. You might even ask your mom to take you to a class to use it.

Maman, Limited-Edition Cookie Box, $45, available at Maman.

Maman's cookies are almost as good as our maman's cookies. All to say, give her a day off from baking by getting a dozen of Maman's signature white chocolate-cherry-rose cookies with cherry and white chocolate chunks delivered to her doorstep.

Venus ET Fleur, Lé Petite Papillon Eternity Arrangement, from $169, available at Venus ET Fleur.

Upgrade her annual peony bouquet, that sadly dies after a week, to one of Venus ET Fleur's arrangements that can last up to a year. We're partial to the metallic ones.

Misen, Essentials Knife Set, $130, available at Misen.

My mom once stopped talking to me after I accidentally chipped her expensive ceramic knife opening a jar of pickles (I know, looking back, I would stop talking to me, too). Years later, she might actually forgive me once I give her this set of knives from Misen, a direct-to-consumer (read: affordable) brand that puts out hand-polished knives, made from high-quality Japanese steel, that are just as sharp as they are easy to handle.

Tenoverten, Taryn Toomey Trio, $54, available at Tenoverten.

Get your mom back for taking you to that traumatizing hot yoga class by bringing her to The Class by Taryn Toomey. When you're done, treat her for a manicure at our favorite non-toxic nail salon tenoverten. If you're not NYC-based, buy her this nail polish trio, made up of the most perfect nudes, that marks the brands' second collaboration.

Outdoor Voices x Hoka, Clifton 4 sneaker, $140, available at Outdoor Voices.

Switch out your mom's go-to-everywhere New Balances with a pair of on-trend ugly-cute grandpa sneakers. Made in collaboration with Hoka, Outdoor Voices' chunky sneaks are part of the brand's new running collection from which we've already bought all our spring activewear.