“what’s spanish for ‘i know you speak english?’”

by ali hoffman

Arrested Development

first premiered on network television in November 2003. Meaning, it's been almost 10 years since we first met the Bluths, the Funkes, and the banana stand.

Now, with the show's highly anticipated Netflix return only weeks away (May 26th to be exact),

The Arrested Development Documentary Project

arrives today as the perfect way to pre-game for the upcoming fourth season.

Directed by Jeff Smith, the film features never-before-seen interviews with the entire cast and crew, including the show's creator and head writer Mitch Hurwitz, Ron Howard (executive producer and the show's narrator), and Brian Grazer. Plus, you'll also see a few the actors behind some of the most memorable cameos, including the incompetent Barry Zuckerkorn (aka Henry Winkler) and Ann Veal (aka Mae Whitman), as well as tons of clips from some of the show's most loyal fans interspersed throughout.

In other words, if you're hoping for a doc like


, look elsewhere. There are no tactical twists and surprises to leave you slack jawed. But for those of us who frequently exclaim "Steve Holt!" while simultaneously throwing up a fist pump, or burst into fits of laughter at the sheer memory of Tobias in a Mrs. Doubtfire getup, this documentary does not disappoint.

Arriving at a time when the world viewed the 30-minute sitcom as a way to space out after a long day, with easy-to-digest jokes that you could still catch even if you were cooking dinner or doing your homework whilst watching. The doc succeeds in proving

Arrested Development

to be the opposite of this--and completely different from any other television show that came before. So in addition to remembering a million hilarious moments from the show's three seasons, watching this film will leave you even more enamored with the genius intricacies behind every joke (layered atop another joke).

Did we mention there's a chicken dance montage?

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