colin farrell is the vampire next door…

by liza darwin

There are two types of scary movies. First, there's the super-realistic kind that could actually happen in real life, usually involving burglars, break-ins, and general stuff that you might hear on the news (see: When a Stranger Calls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho). Sure, it might be a stretch of the imagination-or just plain paranoia- but these are the types of movies that haunt you long after they're over. Then there's the second category of flicks that are pure fantasy, making them more funny than freaky (see: Scream, Night of the Living Dead).

Luckily for me, Fright Night falls into the second group. This modern-day remake of the 1985 horror classic follows Las Vegas highschooler Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin), who suspects that his neighbor Jerry (Colin Ferrell) is a vampire after many of his friends mysterious go missing. Yes, the plot is totally ridiculous ("That's a terrible vampire name! Jerry?!" Charley remarks in the trailer), but that's what makes it fun. Starring Imogen Poots as Charley's girlfriend, Toni Collette as his mother, and Superbad's Christopher Mintz-Plasse as his friend who falls victim to Jerry, this horror-slash-humor-flick plays like one big joke that everyone's in on, including the audience.

Featuring lots of fight scenes, a major dose of black magic, more than a few laugh-out-loud moments- oh, and an evil Colin Farrell giving Rob Pattinson a run for his money- this is one scary movie that won't keep you up at night. Which, if you ask us, is a good thing.

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