movie review: the wolf of wall street

Want to know what money sounds like?

by Christian Lavery

No more than a few scenes into the movie and Jordan Belfort asks: “want to know what money sounds like?” Well, don’t we all? And believe us, it doesn’t take long to find out.

The Martin Scorsese directed American crime drama, as you may know, chronicles the story of a dental school dropout that becomes a multi-millionaire before the age 30. Dubbed the “wolf of Wall Street” for his corrupt ways and charismatic ability to effortlessly get investors to hand over just about their entire bank accounts, the movie is an endlessly up-tempo experience from the very beginning.

Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, can’t help but make you wish that you were in some way involved in all the absurdity that plagues his life as well as his thriving company. The limitless luxury matched by an over the top lifestyle, infused with plenty of drugs and women keeps you on the edge of your seat. Yet no matter how crazy his antics get, it’s hard not to want it to continue -- and in case you were worried that the action may slow up at some point, it doesn’t (look out for roller-blading monkeys, marching bands parading through the office, and tons and tons of money).

A supporting cast consisting of Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey and more, all compliment each other flawlessly, and all have a few screws loose in their own right, making the story as a whole that much more entertaining. Between love interests, a few near death experiences, and a whole 3 hours of “is this really happening” moments, your best gift this holiday season may not be under your tree after all.

Hitting theaters on Christmas day, be sure to see The Wolf of Wall Street as soon as you can.