Photo courtesy of Moxie Raia


Moxie Raia Takes A Leap Of Faith In Her “On My Mind” Music Video

Just jump

by nylon

The creative process is tough. It’s rigorous and can leave you feeling down and out. Often times, there are so many ideas floating around, just fleshing one out can be difficult. So, why not get meta and make a song about that very fact? New Jersey singer-songwriter Moxie Raia did and it paid off in spades.

“On My Mind,” which features Pusha T, is Raia’s ode to the creative process. For the video, she ventures into the rainforest, where natural chaos and calm mimic what went on in her mind while making her 931 mixtape. Hints of Raia’s jazz background sneak their way into the track’s production, which lends itself to a refreshing take on a sound Amy Winehouse made popular. “I don’t want you off my mind,” she repeats throughout the song’s chorus, alluding to the push and pull of making something as infectious as this. Her environment explodes and she’s forced to literally take a leap of faith, much like she did making 931. In the end, she lands in the calm, blue water, marking the end of one endeavor and the beginning of a completely new and exciting one.

Get into Raia’s world, below.