Image via USA Network

Things Get Dark In The New ‘Mr. Robot’ Trailer

“There’s no coming back from this”

by Sarah Beauchamp

In the beginning of the new trailer for the third season of Mr. Robot, Elliot, a cyber-security engineer, wakes up in the dark after being shot. "What am I doing here?" he asks. "You don't remember?" a woman replies. "The Dark Amy turned on us."

Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, warns Elliot, "You pull the rip cord now, they would have won." Then, there are quick shots of people wearing creepy masks in the dark, Elliot nervously wandering the streets at night, and riot police on the subway. 

"World catastrophes like this, they occur because men like me allow them," someone says in the new clip, before the words "The Revolution won't go down without a fight" flash on the screen. 

BD Wong's character, Whiterose, also makes an appearance and says something cryptic. 

Basically, the third season of Mr. Robot looks bleak. 

Season 3 premieres October 11. Watch the new trailer, below.