editor’s pick: i pity the fool

true life: mr. t was my neighbor.

by beth garrabrant

When I was in junior high I lived across the street from Mr. T. No, seriously, I really did!

Despite our shared passion for gold jewelry and finger pointing, I was never invited over for tea with Mr. T. Instead, I had a very hostile relationship with his pack of Dobermans, who would have me running for my life on my school route (I'm still convinced that I was a pawn in Mr. T's "Stay in School" campaign). My sister saw him once--in full Mr. T regalia--but I only got one-on-ones with his dogs.

And yet, I still love the guy. Channel your inner "Bad Attitude" with Suzywan Deluxe's I Pity the Fool! necklace. This bling makes me want to call 1-800 collect and spend a buck or two. Illuminati membership not guaranteed.