you’re invited to a ms mr sleepover

prank calls, onesies, and pizza included.

by liza darwin

We miss sleepovers. We're talking real sleepovers, like the ones that meant prank calling, playing Truth or Dare, and wearing patterned fleece onesies. Ever since we left elementary school these things don't happen as much as we'd like–well, except for the onesie thing, because we still totally wear them–so isn't it about time they came back?

Luckily that's exactly what's happening on our new favorite web show– except this time, there's a musical twist. FKR.TV (the video offshoot of Frenchkiss Records) has just launched a new webseries called Slumber Party @emmieshouse, and yes, it's basically all of our indie pop dreams colliding at once.

Host Emmie Lichtenberg brings bands like MS MR, Charli XCX, Marina & the Diamonds, and Kitten into her bedroom for some girl (and guy) talk, plus all the amazing stuff you'd normally do on “big nights out” as a little kid. Lizzy Plapinger prank calling Lichtenberg's mom? Sure, why not! Sour Warhead challenges with Charli? Duh. More than one all-time crushes might revealed (hi, Taylor Kitsch…), plus serious '90s fashion overload.

But don't just take our word for it. Watch the exclusive premiere with MS MR here, and stay tuned for more episodes every other week. Dig up your old scrunchies and put the pizza delivery guy back on speed dial, because the new-and-improved sleepover has arrived.