Photo by Mary Caroline Russell


“Stay” Around For The Muddy Magnolias’ Impassioned New Song

A little funk for your blues

Take a break from the synths and 808s that blare out of your headphones and get into the Muddy Magnolias. When Jessy Wilson and Kallie North get together, they create a sound that's honeyed and deep; it's funky, it's tender, it has rhythm, and it has the blues. After just one song, the Muddy Magnolias will make one believe in the whole music is for the soul thing.

With their debut album, Broken People, due out October 14, it is beyond moving to premiere "Why Don't You Stay?" today. The slow dance of a song tells the tale of a romance gone awry. One party is thinking of leaving, the other party is aware, and there are hearts to save from breaking. Wilson's verses are rich with passion while North rails around her. Their love for music, for storytelling, and what they do together is evident. By the time the final chorus explodes into a classic bluesy finale, you're going to feel it and everything about their music. Stay around for more, why don't ya? It's going to be well worth your time.

Broken People will be released on October 14 via Third Generation Records.