museum ink

temporary tattoos that match the louvre.

by faran krentcil

Chanel's temporary tattoos got a lot of buzz, but believe it or not, there's something even more precious than a Double C logo to ink on your shoulder or wrist.

They're a series of temporary tattoos devoted to famous artists, and although we found ours at the Chicago Art Institute, you can get yours almost anywhere - even on

The tattoos were created by Dover Publishing, the same people who put out the Hippie and Mod paper dolls, and include some of the world's most beloved images. A booklet of Van Gogh tattoos lets you stamp the artists' famous self portrait on your back or shoulder, Tolouse Lautrec brings images of the Moulin Rouge straight to your skin, and Frida Kahlo's amazing set includes images of the artist with monkeys, panthers, and deer.

You can get 4 tattoos for $2, and then - if you're feeling bold - invite anyone you like to check out your latest exhibit.

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