music premiere: ‘hold on’ by twin atlantic

The band’s second single comes with a huge chorus…

by Christian Lavery

Twin Atlantic has been conquering the hearts of people across the globe since 2007. The band has played to arenas of more than 30,000 people per night, sharing the stage with some of the most notable bands from the past decade including Blink 182 and 30 Seconds To Mars. With two albums and an EP in hand, the band is ready to deliver their third full length: "Great Divide" on August 19th.

moreWe're stoked to premiere the band's epic second single, "Hold On," which has a HUGE chorus. We asked lead singer Sam McTrusty a few questions about what inspired "Hold On," his experience sharing the stage with Jared Leto, and the band's favorite tracks on the upcoming album. Check it below.Over the years you've shared the stage with some of the best bands from my teenage years including Finch, Blink 182, Say Anything and Circa Survive. Out of all of these experiences, which have proven most memorable and why?Yes... We have been incredibly lucky to start out about 7 years ago and tour with all those bands. I think the shows we did with Blink left the most effect to be honest. They were my teenage idols and to be accepted by them and do multiple tours is insane. Playing in arenas to 30,000 people a night and talking to the people who were a part of my formative years. Ding ding!!What's the music scene like in Glasgow and does typically it cater to your sound?The music scene in Glasgow is pretty vibrant and thriving. There's been so much influencing music to come out of the city over the years. People liken it to a smaller scale Seattle scene vibe where bands all help each other up the ladder and really embrace all the different genres that exist. Fueled by days spent indoors listening to or playing music because of the serious rain time I think.What are the best parts about touring in the States and the best parts about touring in Europe for Twin Atlantic?Honestly touring in Europe has many upsides for us now. We've worked so hard for years and it's finally paying off. We play to some seriously large crowds these days, which is a dream come true. The best parts about touring the states for us is the connection we get with fans. It's slightly more magnified than what we experience back home in that people are more confident and want to talk to us after the shows a lot more, so I've gotten to meet some great people. Also the scenery and iconic nature of the landscapes and cities makes it feel like we are on some big adventure. A mission to prove we have what it takes to last over there.Collectively, what are the one or two Twin Atlantic song favorites on the upcoming album? Which songs, out of everything you've written, are your favorite to play live?Our single "Heart and Soul" has become a real favorite to play live. It's so laid back and fun for us that it's hard not to let your hair down and enjoy the groove. There will be many others but we are big fans of the "Slow Reveal." We want people to have time with the album before experiencing it live. It really heightens the songs and experience for everyone.What inspired "Hold On," and who is usually part of the lyric writing process?The lyric writing process is all on me. It's something I feel I have an addiction too. Expressing myself. Music and songwriting more specifically has been an amazing vehicle. "Hold On" is inspired by just reflecting what it felt like realizing all of these new responsibilities in life and as a band. It's a song about accepting change and that the struggle through it can be the best part.What was it like supporting 30 seconds to Mars on the second part of their European Arena Tour?It was great. Great guys. A great legion of fans and great fun to be around such positivity. We got to play to thousands upon thousands of people every night and go to some countries we haven't been to in a couple of years or so... Ultimately one of the best tours we've done. Also sneaky peaks at Jared's beautiful hair was a massive upside.You are about to drop your third album. What have been the proudest moments for Twin Atlantic along the way?Realizing that we don't care anymore. We don't care about fitting into the stigmas and cliches of rock music. That we can stand on our own two feet and proudly say that we are ourselves. Keeping it real in a genre where so many others lose touch. That's a pretty general vibe but to be specific the proudest moments are any that involves our music bringing people together and creating positivity. Music should be an escape and we are very proud to get to help people escape life everyday.Are there a set of influences that the band shares collectively with respect to writing new material? If I had to guess, is Jimmy Eat World on that list?It's hard to answer this for this album as it's so varied and diverse that I think the only influence we had was from the idea of something being good. If it wasn't good it didn't make it. Good can mean so may things to different people but in this band it became really obvious what was good and what wasn't. In the past Jimmy Eat World were such a big influence. We've always lived their honesty and originality. We were lucky enough to do a couple of shows with them a few years ago. Very genuine dudes.What is the Twin Atlantic dream tour?I think we maybe did one this summer?? We supported Kings of Leon in the UK in football stadiums. Unbelievable scenes. If we had to pick now we would all at the same time very loudly say pearl jam or foo fighters. They are icons to us and a big influence.When can we catch you in the Europe and in the States next?We should be back to the states this winter. Around November and December. As for Europe we are doing headline shows all through October and early November. We simply can't wait to take great divide on tour and share the good times with great people. Hopefully see you soon.

-words by Miguel Angel