music premiere: ‘paralyzed (aeroplane remix)’ by mystery skulls

The prefect rendition for the dance floors…

by Christian Lavery

LA's Mystery Skulls is back with yet another solid single following the earlier success of this year's "Ghost."

moreThe killer brooding new single "Paralyzed," who's music video (watch it HERE) also dropped last week, has been reimagined by the iconic Belgian producer Vito De Luca-better known as Aeroplane (associated acts include Sky Ferreira, The Magician, Au Revoir Simone). The track is turned on its head providing the perfect funky disco rendition for dance floors and pool parties to enjoy through what's left of summer. We're more than stoked to premiere the sultry delivery. Listen below as you read through some of the questions we asked Luis Dubuc about what's going on with Mystery Skulls. We hear there's a new record on the way.Mystery Skulls started making music in 2011. What is your musical background, and had you been involved in any music projects prior to MS?My musical background is a product of my family moving a lot as a kid. We lived in South America and then Canada and finally The States. I was able to pick up lots of different influences from each place I lived, all of which can be heard in one way or another on my new record.Your newer stuff seems a little darker than your previous material. Was there a conscious shift or did it just kind of happen?It only really appears that way because of the darkest songs being out right now ahead of the album. But its a varied mix of songs and not all of them are dark at all.Aeroplane is one of our favorite modern disco producers of this generation. What enticed you to work with Aeroplane for this remix?He is an excellent producer and I've been a fan ever since I saw him in Austin, TX a few years back -so when it became an option to have him work on a remix it was an easy decision. Its an amazing remix and everyone is loving it so far.You've opened for Flume, played alongside everyone from Chic, to Yeasayer to Avicii. Is there a crowd that tends to be more receptive to your music tan others? What has been the most memorable performance to date?Very recently I was given the opportunity to travel to Cannes and perform on the beach. I had never played in France before so it could have gone either way but midway through I noticed people in the crowd singing along to my music which blew me away being in another country. This is the best show I've played to date.Being a one-man band, I assume putting on a live show is something that takes a little more work than the average band. How has your live performance evolved over the last few years?When I first started Mystery Skulls I didn't really have a plan of how to do it but I fell in with playing my music at clubs and singing live which absolutely caused my live show as well as the way I was thinking about music to evolve. In the last year as I was making this record I was constantly doing fly out shows and random things here and there and I think having to make special music that could move people in a club in that moment really helped make the record as special as it is.Any new acts on your radar you think we should know about?My buddy Wes Period has been making some really cool music lately. Check him out HERE.What are your favorite hang out spots in LA?I really love Little Tokyo. Whenever I need some inspiration its right there.

-words by Miguel Angel