these gym clothes cost more than my car…

by faran krentcil

I love to wear sweatshirts. Adore it.  I'll pair my dad's old ripped crew-necks with sequin miniskirt.  I'll throw a Gap hoodie underneath a wool blazer.  I'll even layer a thin Champion fleece from the '80s underneath a shift dress, and pair it with tights and boots.  (Yay, Almost-Mod.)

But as sweatshirts have become acceptable work wear (as long as you style them perfectly), they've also gotten expensive.  Like, really expensive.  Like, "should I get a couple sweatshirts or pay rent?" expensive.

Some of them - like the Stella McCartney horse jersey, above - are so damn cool, we're in love with them regardless of price.  Others are the simple kind we love to pair with jeans and a statement necklace.  They would be a shopping no-brainer, except they're over $100.

Is there something special in a luxe sweatshirt?  Or are you better off getting the Boys XL ones at Target?

A.P.C sweatshirt, $165

Splendid sweatshirt, $83

Elizabeth + James sweatshirt, $95

Stella McCartney sweatshirt, $265

Tory Burch website, $265

J. Crew, $65