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the purse collection with serious personality

#mypurseonality by kara ross.

Finding a purse that you feel best expresses you is no easy task. Popular of-the-moment bags may be appealing, but they don't help you to stand out from the crowd as much as you would like to. And trendy purses don't make you unique in a sea of trendsetters either. Enter a the fun and flirty customizable clutches of Kara Ross NY—the coolest way to tote around your belongings.

The #MyPURSEonality clutches come pre-designed in nine different characters: the vampire, the emoji master, the uptown girl, the hipster, the mogul, the pop star, the aesthete, the panda, and the boxer. However, the possibilities don't just end there. With options for customizing your own bag with eyes, lips, brows, accessories, and more, you can make your clutch your doppelganger—or just a super-stylish sidekick. 

Kara Ross' purses are becoming a favorite amongst rad girls everywhere, but that doesn't mean that you'll see street style stars toting the same exact clutch everywhere. Tina Craig of Bag Snob, Claire Distenfeld of Fivestory, Cailli and Sam Beckerman of Beckerman Blog, and model Soo Joo Park have all created their own bags with different #purseonalities.

Customize your own bag, take the #MyPURSEonality quiz to see which character suits you best, and flip through the gallery to see just how rad these accessories are.

The AestheteThe bag that will ensure the #aesthetic is always on point.

Kara Ross NY, the aesthete, $1,595.00, available at

The Uptown GirlUptown glam meets downtown cool.

Kara Ross NY, the uptown girl, $1,595.00, available at

The PandaBecause no one, no one, can resist cute animals.

Kara Ross NY, the panda, $1,795.00, available at

The VampireEven goth girls love high fashion.

Kara Ross NY, the vampire, $1,595.00, available at

The Pop StarA diva always needs a clutch worthy of a star.

Kara Ross NY, the pop star, $1,795.00, available at

The Emoji Master*insert poop emoji here*

Kara Ross NY, the emoji master, $1,850, available at