Video Premiere: MYYRA “All About You”

alt pop with soul

Pairing brooding piano chords with echoing, synth-infused vocals, MYYRA's single "All About You" evokes an image of inexplicable balance. Dark is speckled with light, and sadness is dotted with tiny moments of hope. 

Frontman Paul Davidson combines elements of electropop and alternative rock to form a harmonious blend of crescendoing choruses and vulnerable builds, creating a feel that's somehow melancholy yet energized. With resonating instrumentals and poignant lyrics, the Nashville-based artist has found his place amongst fellow alt-indie groups like The National and Washed Out, but MYYRA's sound is fully its own. Songwriter Davidson drew inspiration for his debut EP Erase. Rewind. Restart. (June 9) from personal experiences, resulting in an album that captures the universal feelings of heartbreak and moving past it.

"'All About You' is inspired by a friend of mine that was cheated on by someone he was very much in love with," says Davidson. "When you're in that kind of situation, there's a contradictory feeling of being so mad at this person for betraying your trust and acting selfishly but at the same time still having a desire to work through it because you still have feelings for them you can’t ignore. We wanted to make a video that was reflective of that while still maintaining a bit of space to allow the audience to put their own narrative on it.”

Watch the video for "All About You" below.