beauty mark: nail stickers

score a perfect ten with instant nail art.

by katie dickens

If you consider a manicure an opportunity for self-expression and your nails to be tiny canvases, then decals are probably already your jam. Because unless you’re a pro or incredibly steady of hand, the other option (hand painting the designs) can be messy, painstaking, and offers less than desirable results.

The stick-on version, on the other hand, requires no drying time or artistic abilities, making it an equal opportunity alternative to polish. Whether you prefer a little sparkle or something a bit silly, one of these options will have your nails covered. 

Scratch Harajuku Kawaii, $12

These adorable, I mean Kawaii, neon decals are what Rainbow Brite would sport if she became a fan of nail art.

Essie A to Zebra Sleek Stick Nail Applique, $10.25

When you like animal print but don't want to go too wild, try a tamer option like wearing it on your fingers.

Jamberry Nail Wraps in Vintage Chic, $15

Wrap your talons in something resembling your grandmother’s bathroom wallpaper. It’s cool, I swear.

Eichi Matsunaga Nail Decal, $10

Stick these cool doodles (Unicorns! Eye balls! Diamonds!) on top of a freshly painted manicure and then pretend you painted them yourself.

Sephora Formula X ASAP Limited Edition Two Pack, $15

See a pattern with these ikat and chevron printed appliqués.

Ciaté Cuticle Tattoos, $12

So these aren’t technically nail stickers as they’re for the cuticles but close enough. The tiny flowers, diamonds, bows, and more look like tiny badass tattoos.

Nail Rock Doodads Nail Wraps, $8

You don’t need special glasses to see your manicure in 3D. These textured designs make your nails looks like they’re covered in bubbles.

NCLA x Melody Ehsani Nail Wrap in Funky Shark, $16

While you eagerly await the premiere of Sharknado 2 on July 31st, you can wear your love of the predatory sea creatures on your nails.

Sara M Lyons TV Party All-Over Nail Prints, $12

Cover your nails in tiny televisions and monitor test stripes to broadcast your love of the tube.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Stripe-Tease, $9

Read between the lines. The vibe of these stripes could be preppy, mod, or horror core (they kind of look like Freddy Kruger’s sweater!).