See Why Naked Yoga Can Make You Feel More Comfortable In Your Body

“Your own body doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of”

The mere thought of doing a yoga class completely naked understandably sparks panic and insecurity in most of us. But Willow Merveille, founder of yoga and pilates studio Naked in Motion, isn't most of us, and she wants us to know that naked yoga actually has quite the opposite effect in her students. "It can be even more meaningful for folks who are struggling with the way they feel about their body, and who are interested in developing a better relationship with their body," she says of the practice, which she claims can actually make you feel more comfortable in your body.

And after we tried it out for ourselves, we completely agreed. Jenna Igneri, our associate fashion and beauty editor, says of her experience, "I knew no one was judging me. I could just be me, and I wasn’t judging myself anymore." Which is exactly what yoga practice should be.

Watch Merveille tell us more about naked yoga.


Filmed and edited by Charlotte Prager