NARS Turned Its Cult-Favorite Bronzer Into A Body Tint

Calling all Laguna fans

NARS, much like M.A.C, Urban Decay, and anything Kylie Jenner puts out, has an unwaveringly loyal cadre of devotees. There are certain cult products that the brand wouldn’t dare discontinue, lest they want a gang of furious makeup lovers on their hands; one of those is the Laguna Bronzing Powder.

As everyone who has ever used Laguna knows, the product provides a sun-kissed wink without the threat of UV rays. And users lust after it the same way they do after a good tan. It has an above average rating on nearly every beauty site on which it’s stocked. And reviews range from “will 100 percent rebuy for eternity” to “I’ve been using this for years and I won’t even sample anything else!” NARS, clearly aware of how much of a good thing it has on its hands, is now expanding that joy by way of a new Laguna Body Tint.

The bronzing lotion, which differs from the original in that it comes in liquid form (obviously), has bits of shimmer in it and is formulated with SPF 30. What’s consistent is its color, which will show up as basically a glitter body product on someone with darker skin, like myself, and will leave a dark tinge on those with fairer complexions. What’s more, it is also infused with NARS’ signature Mono de Tahiti scent. This basically means you’ll be left smelling like the beach and looking like you just stepped off it, without ever leaving your apartment. Happy first-day-of-spring-in-19-days!     

Well, make that 31, as the product, which retails for $45, isn't available until April 1.